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For media inquiries, contact Bob Witeck - [email protected], +1 202 887 8208

Volunteer & lend a helping hand ...

OUTBermuda does not have any paid employees; all our work depends on your generosity and the generosity of our volunteers!  If you are ready to put your hand up, we can find a volunteer option to suit you.

OUTBermuda’s volunteers are at the heart of our work. Join a growing group of people working to make Bermuda a safer more equal place for gay and lesbian Bermudians

Why should you volunteer with OUTBermuda?

  • Stay current with what’s happening – Receive email updates and keep up to date with current projects, activities and trends in the LGBT community, both locally and internationally
  • Show that you are an ally –  When OUTBermuda speaks, it helps LGBT Bermudians know that they’re not alone. Add your voice to those who are advocating for equality in Bermuda.
  • Shape our future Have a say in choosing the people who steer what we do and if you’re passionate about OUTBermuda’s mission, you could become a board member yourself!
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