Empowerment Grant

We intend for our Empowerment Grant to become a beacon of support and inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community. At the heart of our organisation lies a commitment to fostering empowerment, growth, and unity in diversity. The Empowerment Grant has been established to provide financial assistance to individuals and groups aspiring to create community events, programs, clubs, or participate in workshops, trainings, and conferences dedicated to advancing the well-being, impact, and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community. We believe that through this initiative, we can build a more vibrant and resilient community that thrives on the diverse contributions of its members.

The first step in applying for an Empowerment Grant is to make sure you qualify. Please review our guidelines and read through the requirements and conditions. If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].

Secondly, ensure your submission is made in plenty of time to allow us to review and make a decision on your request, and allow you sufficient time to make arrangements for the proposed training.

Applications for $500 or less can be submitted at any time. You will receive a response by email within 15 business days.

For all other applications, the quarterly submission dates are 28 January, 28 April, 28 July, and 28 October. Our Grant Committee may request an interview or call applicants, so please allow time for this in planning your training, program, event, or course of study. You will receive a response by email within 25-40 working days.

Individual Applications

Individuals seeking financial support from our Empowerment Grant are encouraged to submit applications outlining their vision for community impact. We welcome proposals for events, programs, or attendance at LGBTQ+ focused workshops, trainings, and conferences. Individual applicants should clearly articulate:

1. How their initiative aligns with any of OUTBermuda’s five focus areas: Education, Advocacy, Safety, Community Building, and/or Empowerment.

2. The impact financial support will have on their life and our local LGBTQ+ community

3. A budget breakdown, invoices or estimates, and a brief statement of financial need

We anticipate that successful applicants will actively engage with their community, demonstrating a commitment to fostering understanding and creating positive change. We look forward to supporting individuals who embody the spirit of our Empowerment Fund.

Group Applications

For groups passionate about cultivating positive change within the LGBTQ+ community, our Empowerment Fund offers a platform for financial support. We invite groups to submit applications detailing their plans for community events, programs, or clubs that align with our mission of empowerment and inclusion. Successful group applicants will need to articulate:

1. The goal, vision and/or mission of the group

2. How their initiative aligns with any of OUTBermuda’s five focus areas: Education, Advocacy, Safety, Community Building, and/or Empowerment.

3. The impact financial support will have on their group and our local LGBTQ+ community

4. A budget breakdown, invoices or estimates, and a brief statement of financial need

By investing in groups dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and understanding, we aim to catalyse impactful initiatives that resonate throughout the LGBTQ+ community.

Donating to the Empowerment Grant

Join us in making a lasting impact on the LGBTQ+ community by contributing to our Empowerment Fund. Your donation supports individuals and groups striving to create positive change through community events, programs, and educational initiatives. By investing in education, empowerment, and inclusivity, you play a crucial role in building a stronger, more resilient LGBTQ+ community. Your generosity enables us to continue fostering a supportive environment that empowers individuals and groups to make meaningful contributions to the well-being of our community. Donate today and help us shape a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Grant Requirements

1. In order to be considered for an Empowerment Grant, applicants must be either Bermudian or be able to demonstrate that they work and live in Bermuda (e.g., spouse of a Bermudian, PRC holder, a work permit for employment).

2. All applicants must be aged 14 or above. Applicants younger than age 18 must have their legal guardian or parent apply and sign with them.

3. Applicants must provide evidence of commitment to the LGBTQ+ community and must clearly describe the benefits available to our community following completion of their event, program, conference, workshop, or training program.

4. The Committee managing the Grant may, at its discretion, request that individuals who have received financial support offer workshops or training to share their skills in Bermuda with other community groups or organisations. All successful applicants will be required to provide testimony, either in writing or video form, as well as photo(s).

Conditions of the Grant

OUTBermuda’s assistance must be acknowledged in any public interview, presentation or print format, and copies of the same must be provided to OUTBermuda

1. Recipients of Grants will provide OUTBermuda with an update on the success of the project (including but not limited to any press received) within one (1) month of its completion.

2. Any applicant who has received an OUTBermuda Grant in the past must ensure that the Committee has such an update before being eligible for a new grant.

3. Successful applicants are free to accept other awards, loans or funds from other sources so long as the total amount of financial support does not exceed the cost of training.

4. Any applicant whose event, program, conference, workshop, or training program is not carried out to fruition must immediately return any funds to OUTBermuda, with a written explanation of why the project did not proceed.

Key Points to Remember

1. OUTBermuda may grant up to 50% of the total request.

2. All applicants are expected to contribute financially towards their community events, programs, and/or educational initiatives. That personal contribution should be at least 15% of the total. In calculating total costs, applicants can include ancillary costs such as flights, accommodation, meals, ground transportation, etc.

3. Applicants are expected to submit a personal statement no longer than one page, which should convey as clearly as possible a commitment to the LGBTQ+ community in Bermuda, the benefit to the wider community, their goal(s).