LGBTQ+ Movie Nights

Through our partnership with BUEI Films we are launching our LGBTQ+ Movie Night series, which will run quarterly. We believe that seeing LGBTQ+ characters and stories in mainstream media helps queer people of all ages to feel less alone or isolated. We believe our Movie Nights will provide opportunities for our community to come together to see, share, and celebrate LGBTQ+ stories and positive representation.

Seeing queer characters and stories on screen can also be a way for communities and families to better understand the experiences of LGBTQ+ people in their own lives, and help kickstart important conversations. As new conservative legislation around the world attempts to stifle LGBTQ+ voices and limits our rights, representation on screen can help to represent the real world as it is, including queer identities. LGBTQ+ movies and stories aid to amplify our voices and show unity in our collective struggle for a world free from the discrimination, criminalization, and stigmatization of LGBTQ+ people.

Looking ahead, we plan on surveying our community to find out what films or animations they would like OUTBermuda to bring in and we’ll strive to offer a range of options that represent the diversity of our LGBTQ+ communities.

Movies/films we are currently considering include:

  • Mama Bears
  • Rafiki
  • Mississippi Damned
  • In A Heartbeat (animation)
  • Saving Face, and more

If you would like to host or collaborate on a movie night please contact us here.