Safe Zone Training

OUTBermuda’s Safe Zone Training is designed to create a visible network of support forLGBTQ+ individuals and their allies by providing an avenue through which members of our community can show their support. These trainings provide information and resources related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Safe Zone trainees develop:

  • A deeper awareness of personal ideas, stereotypes, and assumptions related to
    gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and asexual (LGBTQ+)
  • An increased comfort level in addressing concepts and language regarding
    LGBTQ+ communities within our island and with individuals
  • The internal capacity of teams and organizations to create safe spaces for
    LGBTQ+ staff and clients by creating and upholding inclusive policies and

Our Safe Zone Training is an opportunity for organizations, nonprofits, and community leaders to learn how to develop, enhance and maintain environments in workplaces, schools and other social settings that are safe, welcoming and inclusive for individuals who are LGBTQ+.

SAFE ZONE FLYER Designs-scaled

This training will be held in conjunction with The Safe Zone Project, an internationally-recognised curriculum used in 100 countries worldwide. The 2-hour in-person sessions, facilitated by OUTBermuda, will aim to help organisations commit to creating welcoming, supportive, LGBTQ+-inclusive environments. Topics covered will include identities, gender, and sexuality, as well as an examination of prejudice, assumptions, and privilege. There are a total of two, 2.5 hour workshops held over two days (back-to-back sessions).

Session 1: Scratching the Surface

Information: Awareness, Vocabulary, Privilege, Discussion, History

Session 2: Under the Surface

Integration: Intersectionality, Safe Zone Scenario Exercises, Discussion