Work With Us

We would like you to consider how you can make a difference in the lives of Bermuda’s LGBTQ+ community by working with us. As a renowned charity dedicated to our Our Mission, we have many opportunities to fit your passion and capacity - we are seeking individuals to serve as:

Your invaluable contribution will not only enrich OUTBermuda but also leave a lasting impression on the lives of countless LGBTQ+ individuals. Together, let's transform lives, build stronger communities, and work towards a more compassionate world. Thank you for considering this opportunity. We look forward to receiving your interest.

If you have any questions, please do reach out to us.


Executive Director

OUTBermuda strives to be the employer of choice in the nonprofit sector.

We are in the process of hiring for the role of Executive Director.

If you are a highly organised, collaborative individual who is a self-starter with experience working as an executive director in the charity sector and are passionate about supporting the LGBTQ+ community in Bermuda, then we have a role we would like you to consider.

The new full-time Executive Director will lead and manage all aspects of OUTBermuda to advance its mission of providing support, advocacy and services to the LGBTQ+ community.


Operating a charity without a great system of dedicated volunteers is almost impossible, as volunteers are the backbone of non-profit work.

OUTBermuda is looking for individuals to let us know what they’re interested in and signing up with their information, so we can build a database of voluteers.  Where volunteers have shone in the past - set up and breakdown events, mailings and generate content and ideas, coordinate Bermuda Pride [link], recruit others, support Executive Director with presentations, plan social events.  We are so grateful for all our volunteers and do hope you will consider volunteering.

Bermuda Pride Planning Committee

Bermuda Pride is OUTBermuda’s flagship event and is only possible through the collaborative effort of the Bermuda Pride Planning Committee (and sub committees), who work together over six months to plan and execute the wonderful events that make up Bermuda Pride.  This Committee needs organised and committed individuals who have time to meet with the Planning Committee weekly for a number of months and then some will need to be able to take time off during Bermuda Pride week to ensure a smooth execution.

Bermuda Pride cannot happen without this Planning Committee and we are looking to fill out this team in the coming couple of months.


From time to time OUTBermuda may have the need for paid consultants or contractors to handle ad hoc or bespoke projects or produce certain work product (photography, videography, administration etc).

We prefer those that work with us in this capacity are either from our community or are allies; it is important that we continue to create equity for LGBTQ+ residents and support those that support us.

On a high-level, these are the OUTBermuda standards for onboarding contractors, which we hope encourages fairness in the selection process while providing important transparency about what contractor was selected and why:

  • Contract work will be advertised on our social media channels, including a request for proposal, which will outline the project goals, scope of work, deadlines, evaluation criteria etc.
  • Proposals will be considered and evaluated by the OUTBermuda team based on the shared evaluation criteria
  • Contractors (and the OUTBermuda team) must share any potential conflict of interest (actual, potential, perceived) that could impact the integrity of the onboarding process
  • Written contracts will be in place for all contractors, which will govern our working relationship

Please follow us on our social media channels or email us here to be added to our mailing list.


The Board of Directors is integral to our organization, responsible for providing strategic vision and guidance to steer OUTBermuda towards Our Mission and is the guardian of our Purpose, ensuring the needs of our beneficiaries come first.

If you are passionate about what we are doing and possess the experience, dedication, and leadership qualities to make a difference, we encourage you to apply for the position of a Director.

As a Director, you will have the chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals, share your insights, receive director training and shape the strategic direction of OUTBermuda. Together, we will create a brighter future and empower those in need to thrive.

OUTBermuda Youth Ambassador

OUTBermuda is seeking a dedicated and passionate Youth Ambassador to represent Bermuda's LGBTQ+ youth as a member of the OUTBermuda Programs Committee. This role involves leading and organizing the signature youth program "OUTLET" with the support of OUTBermuda and Solstice, attending OUTBermuda board meetings, and representing OUTBermuda and OUTLET in various public spaces. This is a fantastic leadership and development opportunity for LGBTQ+ youth to gain and improve skills in event planning, representation, public speaking, and advocacy. Support and informal training will be available from Solstice and OUTBermuda if desired.

The Youth Ambassador will receive a $1000 stipend per year as token of appreciation for their work.

For more information, and to apply, click on the link below: