1:1 Counseling Sessions

Our hope is that by supporting mental health services for members of Bermuda’s LGBTQ+ community we are helping to fortify against some of the damaging impacts of discrimination and marginalization all too present on our island.

We believe that mental health, similar to physical health, should be actively nurtured and pursued as a goal. Our collaboration with Solstice to provide 1:1 counseling is an offering to our community, not as an indication that we are more inherently prone to challenges, but rather to acknowledge that the negative environmental factors and stigmatization often imposed by family and the wider community can take their toll on the mental health of members of our community.

LGBTQ+ residents can access up to eight free 1:1 counseling sessions through Solstice by self-referral and OUTBermuda will cover copay or the full amount for uninsured individuals. By the end of February 2025 we hope to have helped between 10 -16 members of our LGBTQ+ community receive the mental health support they need to feel safe, seen and thriving.

If you would like to benefit from free counseling please contact us here.