Board Responsibilities

The Board operates pursuant to the Bye-laws and policies/charters of OUTBermuda and always subject to the laws and regulations governing charities in Bermuda.

Each individual is a Director of the company OUTBermuda, which is registered as a charitable organisation in Bermuda – as such each Director has both fiduciary and legal/regulatory obligations separate to the responsibilities specific to the charitable work of OUTBermuda.

Fiduciary Obligations

Each Director of OUTBermuda has various responsibilities found in the Charities Act as well as the Companies Act and under common law. Generally, the legal responsibilities for a Director include complying with the constitutional documents of the company, acting in good faith and exercising skills with reasonable care. As a charity trustee, Directors are responsible to ensure compliance with the Charities Act, including managing finances and filing financials and annual reports with the Registry General, complying with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regulations and also to report any issues of serious concern directly to the Registry General.

We meet these responsibilities through documentation, policies, ensuring our Board has a diverse and relevant skill set and good organisation; Directors of OUTBermuda will also receive annual Director and trustee training.


As a Director, you will:

(i) actively participate in the governance and decision-making process;
(ii) collaborate with fellow directors to set long-term goals, establish policies, and oversee the general management of the charity;
(iii) along with the Treasurer, monitor the charity's financial health, ensuring transparency and accountability in all financial transactions; and
(iv) work closely with our Executive Director and volunteers, fostering a positive work culture and promoting collaboration.

Directors must meet the responsibilities outlined in the Director Responsibilities document found here.


OUTBermuda’s Board has 4 main subcommittees – each Director must chair or be on one:

Governance & Finance

  • The Committee will assist the Board of Directors of OUTBermuda to fulfill its responsibilities regarding matters that relate to i) governing the organisation and ii) the organisation’s financial strategy and performance.
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  • The Committee will assist the Board of Directors of OUTBermuda to fulfill its responsibilities regarding LGBTQ+ focused programming to support the organisation’s mission.
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  • The Committee sets the vision for and manages OUTBermuda’s overall fundraising strategy, helping the Board define both long-term and short-term funding needs to accomplish OUTBermuda’s mission, based on the input from the program needs as managed by the Program Committee.
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Communications & Marketing