Safe. Seen. Valued. Thriving.

Bermuda Pride supports our LGBTQ+ communities in the pursuit of our unequivocal right to be safe, seen, valued, and thriving!


Homecoming is a thematic continuation of last year's Pride, where we affirmed our community's space to love and live. This year we draw attention to the LGBTQ+ Bermudian diaspora and want to
reinforce that we continue to hold space for our community overseas.

Our theme of Homecoming is front and centre as we work through the event and entertainment planning process and we are excited to show Bermuda what this means for us.


Mission & Values

Bermuda Pride supports our LGBTQ+ communities in the pursuit of our
unequivocal right to be safe, seen, valued, and thriving.

Our annual Pride celebration offers our diverse community and allies a period of greater visibility, connection and support by producing events that:

INSPIRE you to think, speak, and act with love, respect and courage.

EDUCATE our community in order to create a more compassionate and just society.

HONOR our past and present by amplifying our voices, efforts, and stories...

and CELEBRATE the power and beauty of who we are.

As we come together around this year’s ‘Homecoming’ theme’ we invite those in our community who have left our island to return to Bermuda to celebrate how far we’ve come and to recognize how far
we have to go. As we work together to build a future free from discrimination and stigmatization, we invite LGBTQ+ Bermudians and allies around the globe and here at “home” to reaffirm that we belong here and that Bermuda belongs to us too.



When there are diverse representations of LGBTQ+ people and allies included in the media, organisations, and community events, society is able to see more perspectives within the community and form a more complete picture. Rather than reverting to stereotypes, the LGBTQ+ community becomes a full visible spectrum as we see represented so colourfully during Pride and in the Progress Flag. Pride’s events support a shift in social consciousness towards a more inclusive society, moving us all closer to a deeper more intentional love of ourselves and our neighbours.

Pride 2023 events will offer opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community and our allies to participate together in a joyful week of events that celebrate the diversity of our community while bringing awareness to the issues that continue to plague us. There is a continued need for us to be able to reconnect with each other and to explore the strength of our community as a whole.

There is power in sharing who we are with our island home and through our panel discussion, through the LGBTQ+ artists performing during the weekend and through our allies’ commitment to ally-ship, we are looking forward to sharing how we live and love in our island home.

2023 Sub Committees

James Brookes - scaled

James Brookes
Arts & Entertainment

Valentino Cartier - scaled

DJ Valentino Cartier
Arts & Entertainment

Ciara Izuchukwu - scaled

Ciara Izuchukwu

Adrian H-B - scaled

Adrian Hartnett-Beasley

Sara Corday - scaled

Sara Corday
Main Events

Chenice Berkeley - scaled

Chenice Berkeley
Main Events

Clare OConnor - scaled

Clare O’Connor
Marketing and Outreach

Goretti Clementino - scaled

Goretti Clementino
Marketing and Outreach

Liz Schaefer - scaled

Liz Schaefer
Marketing and Outreach

Arlene Galvez - scaled

Arlene Galvez
Merch and Memories

Ed Dawson - scaled

Ed Dawson
Merch and Memories

Molly Johnson - scaled

Molly Johnson
Merch and Memories

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