OUTBermuda Welcomes Six New Directors and Embarks on StrategicVisioning Session

OUTBermuda, the island’s only LGBTQ+ registered charity, is pleased to announce the appointment of six new Directors to its Board effective 8 April 2024. More information on our new Directors may be found here . The non-profit is thrilled to welcome fresh perspectives and expertise, anticipating that the new members will contribute to the growth and innovation of the charity’s mission. OUTBermuda designed and followed a thorough and transparent recruitment, application and onboarding process to attract an appropriate mix of Directors with the requisite knowledge, skills and experience to run the charity.

Chair, Adrian Hartnett-Beasley stated, “This diverse group of newly appointed Directors brings a wealth of experience in areas such as programming, governance, fundraising and communications & marketing, that will further strengthen OUTBermuda’s initiatives and impact within the LGBTQ+ community. Their joining the Board signifies a significant step forward in enhancing our ability to serve the community more effectively and more sustainably. We welcome Abby, Sara, Taj, Buddy, Michael and Tiara to the OUTBermuda team and look forward to working with them going forward – I have personally experienced their passion and dedication to supporting our LGBTQ+ community and I am quite excited for what is to come.”

In conjunction with the appointment of the new Directors, over April 12th and 13th, OUTBermuda conducted a strategic planning and visioning session to welcome and onboard the new Directors, provide Board training and explore new goals and strategies for future growth and impact. This initiative was led by Ms Kerry-Jo Ford Lyn and reflects the organization’s commitment to ongoing improvement and innovation in fulfilling its mission. Ms Ford Lyn was a preferred consultant for this purpose – a queer woman of colour who has guided organisations in emboldening their visions while thriving and providing thought partnership – with her expertise spanning both enterprise-wide strategic planning and the intricacies of organizational reinvention. Ms. Ford Lyn has worked with public and private sector foundations and human rights activist groups all over the world and specializes in strategic planning, program design and management– all with a strong connection to and recognition by the LGBTQ+ community.

Looking back at the two days of strategic visioning, new Board member Tiara S. Webb shared, “I was thrilled to embark on this journey, and our strategy session deepened the connection among our Board’s Directors. By staying agile and embracing emergent strategies, we paved the way for impactful work and an inclusive future for the LGBTQ+ community.”

Michael DeCouto, another new Board member added, “Joining the Board of OUTBermuda is a deeply personal journey for me and one which I embrace fully both in terms of celebrating and honouring the work that has been done to date as well as the contributions I can make in the future to impact positive change on our community.”

“I’m really excited about the appointment of our new Directors and feel grateful for the opportunity to engage in strategic planning and visioning with someone as insightful and experienced as Mrs. Ford-Lyn. These developments mark an important chapter in the growth of OUTBermuda as we continue to serve and support our LGBTQ+ community.”, shared OUTBermuda’s Executive Director, Tiffany Paynter.

OUTBermuda envisions a Bermuda in which LGBTQ+ Bermudians and residents are free from the harmful impacts of discrimination and stigmatization. To achieve our vision for our island we are actively working to create a future in which LGBTQ+ Bermudians and residents feel that they are safe, valued, seen, and thriving.

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